Buying Tips

Importance of a Home Inspection

In my opinion, it is very important to make your offer on buying a home contingent upon a whole house inspection.  A Whole House inspection can find problems that one my not see when looking at a home.  Some of these problems can be carbon Monoxide leaking out of a furnace or hot water tank.  Other areas inspection companies check are chimney venting problems, Electrical code violations, termite infestation, structure of the home, foundation of the home, roofing problems, plumbing code violations. In my experience of helping customers purchase homes when my customers have a whole house inspection we generally find about $200 to $2,000 worth of problems we were not aware of when first looked at the home.  So making your offer contingent upon a home inspection ensures you letting you know of potential problems a home may have.  After a home inspection if there are any problems found we could go back to the seller and ask the seller to repair any problems we found wrong in the inspection.  Sometimes sellers are willing to repair some of these problems when given a written report on the problems their home may have.

Importance of Using a Buyers Agent

In Kentucky, when a seller puts their home up for sale by a real-estate agent, it is that real-estate agent’s job to specifically represent the seller and to negotiate all terms and conditions favorable to the seller.  For example if a home is on the market for $110,000 and the home is worth $105,000 It is the sellers agents’ job to represent the seller and try to get the buyer to pay as much money for the home as possible.

On the other hand, as a buyer’s agent, I will show you a list of every home that has sold on any specific street you are interested in which can help you see what values of home have been doing on that street.  I will also run a market study on any individual house you would like me to which will show you all homes like the one you are considering that have sold in your specific city for the past 12 months. Doing this market study for you will help you determine what a home is worth in today’s dollars. Also as a buyers agent, I will negotiate all terms and conditions favorable to you- the buyer. There is also no cost to the buyer for this service.

Importance of Choosing the Best Mortgage Loan Program Available

There are presently many loan programs available with the need to put down a 3% down payment on a home and there are other programs with a 0 down payment available. Some of these types of financing programs include the Kentucky Housing Loan with a low fixed interest rate, FHA Ameridream, and many others.  For any house I show to you depending on which program you are going with I will figure out for you the approximate monthly house pmt per program so you can determine for yourself which type of financing would be best for you. Also, there are several programs available for customers with various credit issues that still may be able to get approved for a loan.

School Statistics

You can research any school and how it compares to other schools. You can also visit the website

Appreciation and Depreciation of Homes

In Northern Kentucky homes have risen in value, but in some years values have decreased. Overall, owning a home can be one of the greatest joys a person can have. Also, when owning a home, one has to remember to keep home updated and fix problems as they occur with a home, such as fixing or replacing a furnace, central air, roof, and etc.

Information on an Owner’s Policy of Title Insurance

First of all Title insurance is different that a homeowners insurance policy.  An owner’s policy of title insurance is recommended but not required to purchase a home in Kentucky.  When a buyer purchases a home if there was unrecorded liens on a property a title insurance policy should cover you on any possible unrecorded liens on a home.  The cost of an owner’s policy of Title insurance is a one-time cost of approximately $300.00 which can be financed in you home loan.  Title insurance is especially advisable when buying homes that have been foreclosed upon.  If you would like an owner’s policy of Title insurance you can request this from the loan officer you are dealing that you are getting a home loan through.

Utility cost per month on Homes in Northern Kentucky

By calling the local utility company for the area you are looking in you can get the approximate utility cost per month on any property in Northern Kentucky.

Duke Energy:  (513) 421-9500

Owen County Electric:
Florence:  (859) 283-5800
Pendelton County: (859) 472-2600
Grant County:  (859) 824-3020

Northern KY Water & Sewer Service District: (859) 578-9898

Cincinnati Bell: (513) 565-2210